• "We partnered with the DIFC Academy because we had a shared vision for enhancing knowledge, raising the bar, raising standards when it comes to ethics, when it comes to practice and legal education training so there’s a natural synergy there. Lexis Nexis wanted to give students access to the best information sources and to enable them to be critical thinkers."

    Hussain Hadi

    Director, Lexis Nexis Middle East

  • "When I was selected for the scholarship programme I was so happy and my family is very proud of me. This scholarship will help me take away the financial burden I have."

    Khalid Hassan Mohammed

    Law Student, Ajman University of Science & Technology

  • "The DIFC Academy has been BARBRI’s trusted partner in the Gulf Coast Countries since 2015. The DIFC Academy offers a world-class learning environment and invaluable guidance in the region. BARBRI recognises that the DIFC Academy plays an integral part in our ability to offer industry leading legal education to the GCC legal community. Long may it continue."

    Claire Flores, Esq

    Head of International Business Development, BARBRI GLOBAL

  • "As a founding academic partner of the DIFC Academy, City, University of London has, since 2007, seen the Academy grow from strength to strength. The University greatly values its relationship with the Academy and is proud of the cooperation that has enabled so many professionals from both the DIFC community itself and the wider region to accelerate their careers through the University’s world-leading academic programmes."

    Dr. Kevin Dunseath

    Director, City’s Dubai Centr