Governments, financial institutions and businesses around the world have been facing an increase in cyber threats as people and businesses become more digitally connected. To proactively help combat our collective threat, DIFC has established a Cyber Forward programme in partnership with Mastercard, to leverage global best practice cutting-edge capabilities in cyber security to enhance the cybersecurity awareness and capability of the DIFC community.

The Cyber Forward Programme will help boost cyber readiness and resilience across the DIFC ecosystem.

Cyber Ambassador Program

Members and partners of DIFC will be given the opportunity to nominate and contribute to the DIFC Cyber Forward Program as delegates for their organizations.

Threat Intelligence Platform integration

DIFC and Mastercard are working to promote the integration with the DFSA Threat Intelligence Platform so that the community shared repository is enriched with real-time and actionable intelligence.

Cyber Resilience Working Groups

Hosted- Cyber Resilience Working Group’s, facilitated in partnership with Mastercard and FS-ISAC, will sit on a quarterly basis to share cyber domain knowledge to uplift the participants and community.

Digital NextGen Program

A Higher-Education internship curriculum will be developed in collaboration with top-tier universities, and the DIFC Academy, to establish a DIFC internship program for the cyber domain and emergent technologies.

Dealing with challenges associated with cyber security is a common responsibility. To provide individuals and society a high degree of protection from cyber threats, we need to consolidate and synergise the efforts of various stakeholders…We will continue our journey of innovation and development to make Dubai the world's safest city in the digital world

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai 

Be a good DIFC community citizen and be part of the DIFC Cyber Forward Program journey 

 In the digital world, we are only as strong as the weakest link. We rely on each other to be a proactive community member to assure our collective cyber strength. 

We invite those with a passion and commitment to our digital society to register your interest to be part of the DIFC Cyber Forward Program as a Cyber Ambassador for your member ort partner organization. 

Register below to nominate as a Cyber Ambassador within the DIFC Cyber Forward Program.