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The DIFC Academy is proud to collaborate with PwC's Academy in providing the second run of the UAE Corporate Tax Diploma Programme, delivered at the DIFC Academy. 





Here's what Robert Grey, Assistant Finance Manager at Tradition, has to say about his experience taking the UAE Corporate Tax Diploma.



1.       How can I register for the diploma programme?
Register online through this link.
2.       How much is the diploma programme?
It is for AED 15,450 (VAT inclusive).
3.       What is the mode of delivery for the sessions?
The Saturday classes are in hybrid mode - meaning you may attend in-person at the DIFC Academy or online through Webex. The weekday classes every Wednesdays and Thursdays are purely online through Webex.
4.       As the classes are both online and in-person, if some of the classes scheduled are missed, can they be caught up at a later date via recordings available to all participants?
The recording of the session will be available for you to view (viewing only/non-downloadable) on the PwC’s Academy LMS. This will be available for 6 months from the first day of class. You will be given access to the LMS on the first day of the course and this will be mentioned in the Joining Instructions.
5.       Is there one final exam taken at the end of all modules or are there individual exams to be completed at the end of each module?
You will have to pass the exam for Modules A to D online (you can do this at home at any time and you can retake the exam). After that, you will be eligible to sit the final exam. This would be at PwC at given slots and invigilated by PwC's Academy staff. There is a 20-30 minute orientation on the first day of class about LMS, ATT Registration, Final Exam, etc.
6.       Is the examination fee part of the course?
No, it is not. The Exam fee is GBP 170 (pounds) and payable directly to ATT-UK. Steps to register for the exam will be discussed in class. There is a 20-30 minute orientation on the first day of class about LMS, ATT Registration, Final Exam, etc.
7.       What learning materials will I receive and when do I receive them?
You will be given hard copies/books as learning materials. No soft copy will be given. The books will be distributed on the first day of the class. If you are planning on attending Day 1 online, you will have to notify us in advance so you can schedule the pick up/collection of your books either in PwC or in the DIFC Academy.
8.       Will I get a certificate upon completion of the course?
You will be receiving the Attendance Certificate from PwC during the graduation ceremony on 9 March 2024. Upon passing the final exam, you will get the Certificate for the Diploma. The hard copy will be available 3 months after the exam is passed but soft copy will immediately be available. Note that there is an 85% minimum attendance to get the certificate of attendance (absence can be made up for by viewing the recorded session – subject to PwC’s approval).
9.      What if I fail the exam?
You may retake the exam for USD 105, payable to ATT-UK but through PwC and you may rebook the exam date. Final exams are held every Tuesday at PwC's Academy and students can register once they have completed the course.
10.     When is the deadline of registration?
You may register before the class starts on 3 February 2024 but note that we cannot guarantee your place as there is a maximum capacity/maximum number of students set for the programme. 
11.       Is there a payment scheme available?
We currently do not offer a payment scheme for the UAE Corporate Tax Diploma as it is a condensed, extensive one-month programme.
12.      What are the requirements to register for the diploma/course?
No minimum qualification is required to enrol for the course, and there will be a refresher for accounting - for students who are not from an accounting background or for those who want a refresher. This will be on the first day of class – on 3 February 2024.
13.     Do I need to be a tax professional to attend the course?
No, you don’t have to be. There is no minimum qualification required to enrol for the course, and there will be a refresher for accounting, for students who are not from an accounting background or those want a refresher. This will be on the first day of class – on 3 February 2024.
14.     What documents do I need to provide in order to register?
No documents are required to register for the course. However, you will eventually be asked to submit your Emirates ID copy to process your exam registration.
 15.     I'm a DLAD-registered legal practitioner, do I get CLPD points for the course?
Yes, you will get 4 CLPD accredited points when completing the diploma. You will have to provide your DLAD number to the DIFC Academy in order to process your DLAD points.


I am taking this opportunity to express my profound appreciation for the outstanding UAE Corporate Tax training program that I had the privilege to attend. The arrangement, conduct, and professional delivery of this program by the DIFC Academy highlighted your commitment to delivering top-notch training experiences. The course was methodically structured, ensuring a steady progression through the complex nuances of UAE corporate tax. The trainers' mastery of the subject matter and their approachable demeanor provided a supportive and conducive environment for learning. I would like to extend my earnest thanks to the dedicated team of instructors. Their passion for teaching and patience in explaining difficult concepts played a pivotal role in the overall success of the program. I ask that you kindly convey my gratitude to each one of them. The use of real-world scenarios and case studies significantly contributed to my comprehension of the subject matter. Although I am still preparing to take the certification exam, I feel that this course has armed me with a strong foundation to build upon. I am looking forward to applying the principles and concepts learned as I delve deeper into the field of UAE corporate tax. Please extend my thanks to everyone involved in putting together this instructive and enriching program. I am truly grateful for their dedication, expertise, and the knowledge they imparted during the course. I look forward to further opportunities to learn and grow with the DIFC Academy in the future. Thank you once again for this valuable and enlightening learning journey.

A. Ali, CEO

Accounted L.L.C-FZ

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