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The DIFC Family Wealth Centre (DFWC) and MIT Sloan Executive Education proudly present “Sustaining Family Business Success,” a course about family enterprise, family wealth and global change offered in collaboration with the DIFC Academy.

MIT & DFWC - Sustaining Family Business Success (USD 6,600) - 23,084.76 AED
From : 24 Jun 2024 09:00 AM || To : 26 Jun 2024 05:00 PM
Mode of delivery : On Premise




This course will provide members of your family business with the opportunity to learn from MIT’s luminary faculty about family enterprise, family wealth, and global change. You will gain practical concepts and tested practices to advance your thinking and decision-making about the future, improve your long-term planning, strengthen your family unity and talent, and shape the roadmap for the future of your family business.


The program is structured around the practices of mutigenerational success:

  • Your Future Vision: developing your point of view about where the future is going, and your family’s vision for the future direction of your family enterprise
  • Managing Turbulence: how family enterprises evolve over generations, and how they must change and adapt to today’s disruptive environment
  • Governance: how to organize and unify your family, the ownership group, the company, and the family office—and keep these groups decisive and forward-moving
  • Talent: how to develop family talent for multiple roles (management, ownership, the board, and more), and how to place the right family talent in the right roles
  • Succession: how to engage, prepare, and partner with the next generation; how to plan for the eventual generational transition of your family enterprise
  • Multigenerational Success: how to keep your family and family enterprise on the path of long-term success



  Day 1

  • Multigenerational Family Enterprise Success in this New Age
  • Participant Introductions
  • The Family Enterprise Journey: Stages and Trajectories
  • Nepotism and Professionalism
  • Family Meeting

  Day 2

  • Building the Ownership Team
  • The Role of Owners in Family Enterprise Success
  • Generational Breakout Discussion on Next Generation Talent
  • Designing Governance for this New Age
  • Family Meeting

  Day 3

  • Guest Speaker
  • Dialogue Between Generations
  • Generational Transitions: Designing a Succession Roadmap
  • Takeaways from the Program



John A. Davis
Faculty Director, Family Enterprise Programs, MIT Sloan School of Management
Chairman and Founder, Cambridge Family Enterprise Group

Professor John Davis is a globally recognized pioneer and authority on issues related to family enterprise, family wealth, and the family office. Since the 1970s, he has been a leading researcher, author, advisor, and speaker on family enterprise, and is the creator of some of the field’s most impactful conceptual frameworks. Professor Davis teaches MBA and executive courses on family enterprise and family social impact at the MIT Sloan School of Management where he leads MIT’s family enterprise programs. He formerly taught at Harvard Business School for 21 years, where he founded Harvard’s family business studies area. He is a trusted advisor to family enterprises from more than 70 countries on their multigenerational strategies, including many of the world’s leading families. He is Chairman of the Cambridge Family Enterprise Group, a global advisory, education, and research organization for family enterprises that he founded in 1989. Professor Davis’ insights help to build shareholder value, develop leaders, strengthen families, professionalize businesses and family offices, and pass sustainable enterprises to the next generation.



  • In addition to interactive classroom work and exchanges among families from around the world, the course will incorporate guest speakers from the DFWC’s local ecosystem.
  • Participants will earn an official certificate of course completion from the MIT Sloan School of Management.
  • Members of the DIFC Family Wealth Centre’s ecosystem benefit from preferential rates.*


For any questions related to the course, email Carolina at [email protected]


*Subject to approval by the DFWC management

MIT & DFWC - Sustaining Family Business Success - USD 6,600
Jun 24, 2024 9:00 AM -To- Jun 26, 2024 5:00 PM

MIT & DFWC - Sustaining Family Business Success - USD 6,600

In association with MIT Sloan Executive Education and DIFC Family Wealth Centre (DFWC)

Total - 23084.76 AED
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