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The Green Fintech Miniseries is the first of 10x1000’s new ‘miniseries’ formats focused on specific domains and fields which are critical to the digital economy. This program is a deep dive on the role of fintech and financial services in creating a green and more sustainable future. We’ll cover theory, case studies and solutions in 3 unique video lessons with global experts. Don’t miss out on your chance to learn the latest insights on green and sustainability!

What you'll learn

  • A holistic overview of the financial system and how key players come together within the fields of green and sustainability, including a full introduction to green financial products and services.
  • A deep dive on how green finance is reshaping key industries such as agriculture, transportation & built environment, including future outlooks and practical case studies such as how an ESG registry leverages IoT, data analytics, blockchain and certification to drive sustainability.
  • Best practices on creating a green fintech solution, including product design, technology, partnership and more explained through the real case study of Ant Forest, a green mini program within the Alipay app that has encouraged more than 650 million people to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Who can Apply

·        You may need to complete the 10x1000 Fintech Foundation Program to be eligible to apply to the Green Fintech Miniseries.

·        10x1000 is a philanthropic initiative that has no cost to learners.

·        The acceptance is at the sole discretion of the 10x1000 Team.

Time commitment: 3 - 5 hours in total

Module 1 – Mindset: Introduction to Sustainable Finance & Green Fintech

Module 2 - Knowledge & Skills: Case studies Green Finance Case Studies

Creating a Green Fintech Solution

Green Fintech Miniseries

Green Fintech Miniseries

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