Laws of the DIFC – Volume 3

Laws of the DIFC – Volume 3

The Laws of the DIFC, Volume 3 is the third commentary in a series commissioned by the DIFC Academy of Law on the laws of the Dubai Financial Centre - the common law freezone and financial centre in Dubai, UAE. International interest in the DIFC, its English language laws and Courts has been developing in recent years as it is possible for entities both inside and outside the freezone to opt for their disputes to be heard there making it a convenient forum for global investors. This book is part of a project initiated by the Chief Justice of the DIFC Courts, Dr Michael Hwang to provide easy access to explanations of the DIFC's laws and regulations and create DIFC equivalent to Halsbury's Laws

Accredited Academy of Law Specialist firms, with significant experience of litigation and providing advice in the DIFC from Outer Temple Chambers and Clyde & Co have been allocated to write the six titles within this volume, which cover the following topics:

The new 2018 Foundations Law
The Limited Liability Partnership Law
The new 2018 Common Reporting Standards Law
The Non Profit Incorporated Organisations Law

In addition, the Law Relating to Application of DIFC Laws and Law on the Application of Civil and Commercial Laws in the DIFC which are often confused and appear regularly in DIFC cases are also fully explained.

As well as providing an overview of the legislation in each area, the authors offer provision by provision commentary on each article:
- highlighting both similarities and differences with the common law or equivalent international provision making it easier for those more familiar with other common law jurisdictions to quickly see where the potential legal differences apply
- providing details and explanations of important DIFC cases in the specific area giving practical advice on the likely DIFC Court treatment
- providing details and explanations of relevant cases and commentary from other common law jurisdictions (with references) which can be useful to those researching that area

As are the time of going to press three of these laws were due to be amended by the new DIFC Operating Law, these chapters have been written to take into account all expected resulting changes to those laws as at October 2018.

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