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Did you know that your voice has direct influence on your impact?

The way we use our voice reflects how we command a room and is a key component of inducing trust and respect. As one of the most effective tools in our personal communication style, using it well can be the make or break in many situations. 

Join us for this interactive session, the second workshop of our Soft Skills for Success series, by communications and voice expert, Kim A. Page, where you will:

  • Gain tools to unleash the power of your own voice
  • Create awareness of what you communicate with your voice beyond your words
  • Improve the relationship to your own voice by knowing what to practice


Kim A. Page

Facilitator, Voice Coach, Keynote Speaker

Kim A. Page has helped countless professionals get their message through in multinational and local organizations. She is a vocal coach, a TEDx speaker and a webinar host. Her first book 'The Right Kind of Loud: Finding Your Communication Voice' is part of the curriculum at several business schools. Kim’s career spans three continents, from Copenhagen to Barcelona, San Francisco and Dubai, before landing in London, where she now lives. A true polyglot, she is fluent in six languages. She has worked with leaders and executives from Google, HSBC, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other major organizations. She has had the honour of speaking on some of the most noted stages around the world and have often been called upon as an authority on interpersonal communication.

Clients come to Kim when they need support with:

  • Pitching and sharing their ideas with the world
  • Knowing how to synthesise into the big picture, not getting lost in details 
  • Giving presentations/training sessions

  • Leading team members - in person/online

  • Accessing the power of their voice 

  • Honing in on personal speaking style

  • Leveraging speaking opportunities for promotion

  • Preparing for job interview/promotion

To learn more about Kim A. Page’s work, visit www.rightkindofloud.com.

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This is the second session of the 3-part series Soft Skills for Success

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