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The DIFC Academy, in partnership with Institute of Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances, proudly brings you a workshop on the Role of Leadership in M&A.

Unlock the keys to successful Mergers and Acquisitions by delving into the crucial leadership aspects that drive results. In this comprehensive workshop, we will explore the latest updates on M&A activity, dissect critical success factors, and provide a roadmap for effective leadership in the intricate landscape of mergers and acquisitions.

Workshop Agenda:

  • M&A Update: Latest data on M&A activity.
  • Success Factors: Explore four critical factors for M&A success.
  • Leadership in M&A: Discuss key behaviors, tone, governance, and managing competing interests.
  • Value Creation: Introduce a universal value creation framework for M&A.
  • Selecting Consultants: Get expert advice on choosing the right M&A partner.


David has 20 years of varied M&A experience across over 50 deals, from private equity to corporate and consultancy and from pre deal to integration.
David has originated, managed, and integrated companies across many countries, including UK, EMEA and South America.  
His experience includes 13 years in PE backed PMI leadership. three in Corp Dev Strategy and Origination, six as an M&A advisory Partner, a tech start-up founder and more recently as Managing Director for IMAA and Head of CPMI (Certified Post Merger Integration).

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