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DIFC Academy, in partnership with Stefania Brunori, proudly presents a session on Personal Branding for Leaders: Unlocking your authentic executive influence, as part of our Soft Skills for Success series.

Did you know that by 2028, 80% of all corporate departments will have at least one remote employee? It is no surprise that we will have more competitors and managing teams will become more complex too.

Do you know how powerful your personal brand is amongst other professionals like you? Do you know how to leverage it to increase the value of your expertise and attract new career opportunities?

Discover what to do – and what not to do – so you can grow an authentic, differentiated, and compelling personal brand that strengthens your position in the market and supports your leadership development.

In this workshop, the first session of our Soft Skills for Success series, you will learn practical strategies and techniques to build an authentic executive brand that enhances your influence and establishes credibility among stakeholders.


Expected outcome:

In this 2-hour session, you will learn to:

  • Articulate your personal brand as a leader, including values, strengths and unique qualities, through a 5 steps process.
  • Develop a clear understanding on how your personal brand aligns with your leadership style and organizational goals.
  • Communicate your personal brand effectively through various channels, including in-person interactions, presentations / public speaking and digital platforms.
  • How to build a powerful LinkedIn profile that stands out in a saturated online pace
  • Build thought leadership with the top 5 trends for the last quarter of 2023


Stefania Brunori

Personal Branding & Content Marketing Strategist 


This is the first session of the 3-part series Soft Skills for Success

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