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DIFC Academy in collaboration with NJORD Law Firm and 36 Commercial proudly presents a webinar about the future of e-Government services in Estonia as part of the DIFC Blockchain Week.

Join us for an hour of webinar exploring 3 important topics:

Topic 1- New trends in e-government

The new generation e-services are aimed at users in a personal-ized form. Looking into the future, a citizen would not have to be active to receive service. It would be the government using the data they already have that will turn to the citizen with a personalized service offer. Both personalized and proactive services need to function in a regulated environment and the government need to take a more innovative approach to privacy issues. It must be remembered that just as traditional e-government is based on adherence to certain legal principles, the same applies to the provision of proactive and personalized services. 


Karolina Ullman

Karolina Ullman is the managing partner of NJORD Estonia. She is a dual-qualified lawyer in Sweden and Estonia.  Karolina is a well-known expert regarding cross-border IT business and crypto business models. She likes to say about herself that advising non-Estonian companies on the Estonian market and orientation in e-services are what she does best. She is recommended as a for-eign expert by Chambers Global. 

Topic 2- Personal Medicine

Developments in both medicine and technology have reached a level where the medical sector is able to offer a personalized approach to both prevention and treatment of patients. 20% of the adult population in Estonia have joined the Estonian Biobank where their DNA is analysed both for general research and personal. There are now private companies offering personal disease prevention services using the data from the Biobank. One of the challenges with this new development is how to apply genetic data in practical medicine without violating the right to privacy. There are also a number of legal and ethical challenges to be taken into account when setting up an IT infrastructure for the use of genetic data. However, these obstacles do not make it impossible to use DNA databases in science and personal medicine for the benefit of both the individual and humanity as a whole.


Liisi Jürgen 

Liisi Jürgen heads NJORD Law Firm’s IT law practice. Liisi Jürgen is an attorney at law at NJORD and a visiting lecturer at Estonia’s oldest and most established university – University of Tartu. Liisi Jürgen is specialized in legal issues regarding data protection, open data, genetic data,  electronic signatures, e-government, e-healthcare, product development. Liisi advises clients on Healthtech matters. In 2015-2016 Liisi was a member of a work group responsible for the development of the electronic identifi-cation and trust services for electronic transactions act, set up by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications. In 2015, Liisi Jürgen finalized her second Master’s degree in Law at the University of Münster in Germany. The topic of her thesis is Elec-tronic Signatures according to the EU law and cross-border use.  

Topic 3- Robo Judge

1) Small claims, formal requirements check, prepping for judge. Mediaton?

2) Saving human judges time, eliminating back-log of easier cases

3) Estonia as sandbox

4) Automation bias

5) "as good as the code/programming“

6) “black box” – lack of knowledge how the decision was rendered

7) Digital capabilities of parties to the proceedings

8) Hugo.legal, UK parking tickets



Siiri Vello 

Siiri Vello is an attorney at NJORD Law Firm, who mainly deals with data protection and IT law and has experience in settling disputes out of court and in court proceedings. Siiri has represented local and international clients in various litigation and out-of-court settlement in various areas such as construction, planning, medicine and other contractual disputes.  Siiri’s day-to-day area of expertise is data protection and IT law related to the rapidly evolving world of technology, both in terms of current everyday issues and in the preparation of comprehensive contracts, analyses and assessments. Siiri has a thorough knowledge of open data and has analysed the field of personalised medicine in depth, both in terms of personal data protection and more general legal issues. Clients highly appreciate Siiri’s accuracy and commitment. Siiri has gained additional knowledge in the field of software testing and has a basic level certificate and practical experience in testing. 


Michael Patchett-Joyce

Michael Patchett-Joyce FCIArb is a barrister, arbitrator, mediator with over 30 years’ professional experience. His expertise is focused on commercial litigation, international commercial arbitration, and indirect tax (VAT). As well as practising at all levels of the courts and tribunal hierarchies in England and Wales, he acts as Counsel in cases before the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Courts, and the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Courts. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences on all aspects of his practice - commercial litigation, arbitration and VAT.

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