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As the world enters a dangerous economic phase of rising interest rates in many countries, join our Masterclass as we ask: will this tip the over-indebted global economy into a longer term recession or will we soon bounce back to the low inflation, low rate environment which seemed like a ''new normal'' only earlier this year? We argue that a difficult new era is inevitable, but that the Gulf may well be in a better position than many other regions to maintain stable economic growth over the next few years.


Prof Stephen Thomas - Professor of Finance at Bayes Business School

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Steve Thomas is Professor of Finance at the Bayes Business School, London, and Dubai, and has been Associate Dean for the MBA programs. He has published research extensively in the areas of economics and finance and advises investment funds on systematic investment strategies through his company Solent Systematic Investment Strategies. He has delivered training courses in the areas of banking and finance in the MENA region and particularly in the KSA.

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