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The DIFC Academy is proud to once again host "Gulf Tax Day" for 2024.


Gulf Tax Day offers an annual tax update, an in-depth analysis of domestic and international tax developments, as well as a selection of focus areas for maximum impact in the year ahead.

  • A Year Under Review:  Annual update of GCC tax developments
  • Trending Tax Topic:  Focus on a leading tax theme of the moment
  • Tax Technical Topics:  In-depth analysis of a selection of compelling tax topics
  • The Year Ahead:  Strategic and actionable areas to focus for maximum business impact

This year participants primarily include in-house tax professionals.


Keynote Speaker
Pillar II and Tax Incentives
Dr. Prof. Vikram Chand, Lausanne University
A Year Under Review
Gulf Tax Update
Clarence Ellis, Partner, Taxnomics
Zain Satardien, Partner, Hourani & Partners
Helal Alrefai, Senior Tax Analyst, Thomson Reuters
Tax eQuiz 2024
Nimish Goel, partner, WTS Dhruva Consultants
UAE Tax Focus
Corporate Tax Insights
Charles Collett, Partner, PwC
Driaan Rupping, Partner PwC
Strategic Tax Accounting
Alex Law, Partner, Deloitte
Robert Bird, Director, Deloitte
Practicalities of UAE Transfer Pricing
Antonio Tapia, Director, KPMG
Claire Boushell, Associate Director, KPMG
Group Structuring
Sana Azam, Partner, EY
Daniele Dal Corso, Partner, EY
The Year Ahead
Navigating Corporate Tax, TP and VAT in Today’s Tax Landscape – Case Study
Nimish Goel, partner, WTS Dhruva Consultants
Vlad Skibunov, Associate Partner, Dhruva
Kapil Bhatnager, Associate Partner, Dhruva

I. Introduction & Opening

The “Introduction” is being delivered by a prominent member of GCC’s tax community who will lead the day and reveal the tone and direction of things to come. He or she will play host for the day.

II. A Year Under Review

“A Year Under Review” offers an update on the pivotal developments that have impacted businesses over the year gone by.

It’s a refresher on the essential domestic, regional and international issues, and sets the stage for the in-depth analysis to follow.

III. Trending Tax Topic

The GCC is currently undergoing a fundamental tax transformation. As such, there’s always one or two leading tax themes which are at the forefront of the minds of tax professionals across the region.

The “Trending Tax Topic” is the occasion to focus on these highly-significant themes. It addresses policy developments, business impacts, case studies, as well as suggestions for action over the months ahead.

IV. Tax Technical Topics

“Tax Technical Topics” involves an in-depth review of a selection of current subjects relating to international tax, direct tax, indirect tax, tax transparency & exchange of information, and more.

Expert speakers provide an overview of each topic before going deeper into technical explanations with practical examples based on law, regulations, administrative practice, and jurisprudence.

V. The Year Ahead

“The Year Ahead” gets to the heart of the issue by synthesizing the issues and actions which are expected to have the maximum impact over the year to come.


For more information, visit: www.gulftaxday.com


Email [email protected] to register.

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