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DIFC Academy and CANDRIAM would like to thank everyone to joined us on our second ESG Series for 2022 entitled, "Net Zero Transition" happening on May 19, 2022.

Leading up to and during the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow, countries from all around the world have pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions and reach net zero. A growing number of financial institutions have also announced ambitious plans to deliver more sustainable - and eventually net zero - portfolios by 2050.

Against the background of these goals, the demand for sustainable investment products has never been higher and the range and variety of solutions on offer is growing fast. Along with increasing regulation and stricter disclosure requirements, this makes investing for climate change mitigation and adaptation an often-complex matter. 

What role do investors and companies play? How can private market participants and regulators make sure that investments and corporate policies align with global commitments to a just and inclusive carbon transition?

During this DIFC Academy ESG Talk, Van Hyfte Wim, Candriam’s Global Head of ESG Investments & Research, brought clarity to these issues by discussing different net zero initiatives and the regulatory landscape surrounding climate risk. He  provided concrete examples from our approach to achieving net zero, its application at portfolio level and its impact on our interactions with investee companies.


Wim Van Hyfte Global Head of ESG Investment & Research - CANDRIAM

Wim Van Hyfte, PhD, has been Global Head of ESG Investments and Research at CANDRIAM since 2016. He is responsible for research on environmental, social and governance issues, the implications for and the integration into portfolio and risk management across assets.


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