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EC-Council partners with DIFC Academy to deliver live online training of EC-Council certification courses and impart cybersecurity education in UAE. 

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, where universities and institutions have shifted their campuses from physical to online, EC-Council has leaped forward. EC-Council has partnered with DIFC Academy to provide online masterclass training to its students. It is a strategic move to impart cybersecurity certified courses in UAE for the benefit of the students at large. 

COVID-19 themed attacks are a new trend across the globe. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are exploiting the coronavirus pandemic and launching unprecedented security attacks. The UAE stands as the principal target in the Gulf region with the accountability of more than half of the COVID-19 themed attacks. An international cybersecurity and defense firm has reported 1,541 COVID-19 attacks in the UAE, which includes 775 malware threats, 621 email spam attacks, and 145 URL attacks. The government of the UAE has put forward automated and artificial intelligence as alternatives to human cybersecurity resources. However, it has failed to completely replace human algorithms and seeking skilled workforce in bridging the existing gap. 

“The threat analysis and other necessary security measures can be attained with the help of technology, whereas cyber experts have to coordinate in keeping malicious elements at bay. Partnering with DIFC and other academic institutions will help in bringing increased awareness of cybersecurity education. In the current scenario of social distancing, online learning can still create career prospects to the aspiring professionals. By offering EC-Council’s certified courses online through our academia partners, we are trying to fill the skill gap,” says Jay Bavisi, CEO and President of EC-Council Group. 

Cybersecurity professionals can now reap the benefits of live online cybersecurity training from the EC-Council. The participants are given certification after getting through the assessments.  

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