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Explore and understand the practical application of design sprints in innovation, venture building, and agile product development.

The DIFC Academy is proud to host the Design Sprint Academy's next community meetup on ​​​​​​13 December, 6pm-8pm at the DIFC Academy, Gate Village 2, to delve deep into the world of design sprints and understand their adaptability in diverse professional settings. Business leaders, innovators, and designers will gain new insights on how to integrate design sprints effectively into their daily operations to spur innovation and creativity.

Why Attend this Meetup?

  • You will be granted an exclusive preview into the transformative power and practical applications of design sprints
  • Hear firsthand how Design Sprint Academy's clients have reaped significant benefits from integrating design sprints into their operations.
  • You won’t find such a comprehensive and hands-on sneak peek into the world of design sprints at any other platform or event.

Who is it for?

  • Business Leaders and Managers - looking to expedite their market entry strategies.
  • Innovation Managers - keen on uncovering pragmatic tools and strategies to augment creativity within their teams.
  • Product Teams - seeking effective approaches to tackle complex user problems and develop impactful solutions.


  • Design Sprints and Innovation Funnels
  • Design Sprints and Value Propositions
  • Design Sprints and Venture Building
  • Design Sprints and Agile Product Development



Attendance is free, but pre-registration is essential due to limited availability, ensuring an intimate and quality experience for all participants.


Special Notes:

*Participants of this meetup will be privileged with special offers for our upcoming intensive "Design Sprint Foundations" training program.

**By attending this event you acknowledge that images or videos may be captured.*


John Vetan - is an entrepreneur and digital enthusiast with over 20 years of experience. He believes that innovation should not be just another buzzword but something that every organization should attain and instill in their DNA.

Currently, as founder and strategist at the Design Sprint Academy, John is helping organizations around the world use and adopt Design Sprints as an effective way to innovate and find a better way to work.

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