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In partnership with ATÖLYE, DIFC Academy is hosting an interactive workshop on Adopting a Design Mindset to Lead Change and Innovation.

You’ve probably heard of “design thinking”, “systems thinking” and other innovation buzzwords before. Most of the time, innovation workshops focus primarily on teaching the frameworks and methodologies that innovators, changemakers, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs use. What is often missing is the key skills, mindsets and behaviors needed to be effective at implementing these methodologies and to help you navigate the increasing complexity of our work and lives.

In this third workshop of our 3-part series Soft Skills for Success, you’ll get a taste of the key soft skills and mindsets needed for innovation and complexity, and a chance to practice these right away. 

In this 2-hour workshop, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of what some of these key skills and mindsets are through experiential activities
  • Reflect on where you/ your team are in your journeys of developing these skills and mindsets
  • Learn how these skills and mindsets apply to design thinking, innovation, and complexity


Nadia Muijrers

Head of Academy & Learning Design, Middle East, ATÖLYE

Nadia is the Head of Academy & Learning Design at ATÖLYE, Middle East. Her expertise bridges business, entrepreneurship, and the social sciences, and she has a passion for tackling people-centered challenges in organizations and in society, and unlocking the true potential of individuals and teams. As an experienced facilitator, consultant, learning designer and emotional intelligence coach, her approach is informed by and combines her multidisciplinary background, natural empathy, and fascination with interpersonal and cross-cultural dynamics. 

At ATÖLYE, she designs and facilitates tailor-made, experiential, and transformative learning programs to help leaders and organizations build a culture of design-led innovation and creative leadership capabilities. Whether they are longer term learning journeys, sprints, or bootcamps, all ATÖLYE Academy’s programs drive impactful results in leadership, culture, and solution development.  


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This is the first session of the 3-part series Soft Skills for Success

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