The DIFC Dispute Resolution Authority Academy of Law has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with New York University in Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) as a first step to establishing closer working relations in areas of research and training development. The cooperation agreement seeks to create joint research activities, including seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures. In addition, exchanges in publications and other relevant academic materials, as well as student exchange and internship opportunities, will be explored in order to enhance the skills and knowledge of law students, members of the legal profession and other stakeholders in the legal industry.

David Gallo, Director, Academy of Law, said: “: “Our partnership with NYU Abu Dhabi is the latest building block in the Academy’s ongoing mission to deliver local education with global value. This agreement is aligned with our objective of preparing law students and legal professionals for international commercial law practice by collaborating with world-class institutions and developing unique new services.”

The Academy of Law is part of the Dispute Resolution Authority (DRA) which also comprises the DIFC Courts, the DIFC-LCIA Arbitration Centre (DIFC-LCIA), and the DIFC Wills and Probate Registry (WPR). The Academy’s core functions include training and regulating lawyers, publishing Court law reports and academic literature, providing free legal advice for people in need through the region’s first Pro Bono Programme, and hosting events for the development of the legal system and the professional community.

Hervé Crès, Dean of Social Sciences, Professor of Economics, NYUAD, added: “New York University in Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) is delighted to be working with the DIFC Dispute Resolution Authority Academy of Law to promote an understanding of transnational and comparative legal systems for students and stakeholders. This collaboration also aims to foster an intellectual legal culture with an interdisciplinary, comparative, and global focus. NYUAD looks forward to establishing with the Academy of Law joint research activities, including conferences and exchanges of publications and academic materials. This in turn will allow our two institutions to develop educational programs and internships for students.”

NYUAD is part of the Global Network of New York University, offering an undergraduate major in Legal Studies within both the Social Sciences and Arts and the Humanities. The Legal Studies Program does not focus on the laws of specific jurisdictions, but rather offers substantive and methodological insights about the nature of law and legal institutions.

The agreement between the Academy of Law and NYU Abu Dhabi reinforces the Academy of Law’s commitment to coordinate with US accredited law institutions and programmes. In February 2017, the Academy partnered with BARBRI International, a leading US authority in Bar exam preparation, to offer new fast-track courses for GCC law graduates and lawyers to become qualified New York attorneys.