About the Institute

The Chartered Banker Institute is a global professional education body for bankers, based in the UK.  Established by Royal Charter, they are a not-for-profit educational charity with a mission to enhance and sustain socially purposeful, responsible, professional banking in the public interest. They do this by developing and supporting bankers’ education and professional development throughout their careers, in particular in the areas of:

  • Core banking skills, including credit and lending, and risk management
  • Professional ethics, culture and conduct
  • Digital finance
  • Green and sustainable finance, aligned with the UN Principles for Responsible Banking and UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Bank management and leadership

They are the largest UK professional body for bankers, with more than 33,000 members – individual banking professionals who make an ongoing commitment to developing their customer-focused ethical professionalism. 

They are proud to be oldest banking institute in the world, and proud to be the only organisation in the world approved by the UK’s Privy Council to award the “Chartered Banker” designation to members meeting the highest standards of professionalism.  Founded in 1875 as the Institute of Bankers in Scotland, their work today is as important as it was 140 years ago.  Their global impact and influence continues to grow, with members and students in over 100 countries worldwide.

To mark their centenary in 1975, they received their Royal Charter, recognising the Institute’s substantial contribution to developing the practice and profession of banking.  In 2018 they were granted a Supplementary Charter, acknowledging our wider, global remit and role.