Fintech Navigator Course

The Pearson Fintech Navigator course will explore how Fintech is disrupting the status quo in the financial sector, providing you with the knowledge and skills required to take advantage of the opportunities this disruption presents. The course culminates in a project in which you and your peers present a new business or product idea that could be eligible for local or regional funding opportunities. During the course you will develop an in-depth understanding of both the risks and opportunities associated with this exciting period of change and innovation. Supported by world-leading Fintech experts David Shrier, Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, Christopher Tucci and a local instructional facilitator (Facilitator), you will develop a broad and deep understanding of what Fintech is and the radical impact that it will have on the future of the financial system. As well as developing your knowledge of Fintech, the course will help you develop design thinking skills and become part of a professional network, providing you with the tools to leverage the exciting and world-changing opportunities offered by the rise of Fintech


Fintech Navigator Course - 5,505.00 AED
From : 05 Oct 2020 10:00 AM || To : 14 Dec 2020 01:00 PM

Upon completion of this Fintech Navigator Course, learners will receive a certificate from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne and Pearson

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the latest disruption taking place across financial services
  • Practice the major approaches to driving or adapting to change
  • Apply methods for framing and communicating your innovation concepts and pathways for commercialization
  • Build a solid understanding of the emerging technologies that can power the developed solution 
  • Be in a position to seek funding from external angel or venture financing sources or their internal corporate venturing board, and/or will be capable of presenting themselves for new innovation roles within established organizations
  • Build an effective business model or a viable project plan powered by the emerging technologies
  • Articulate the unique selling points of the developed solution in a concise, persuasive manner
  • Build a solid toolkit of methods to increase the operational effectiveness and develop a strong strategic positioning
  • Understand and adopt techniques of sustaining the growth of the venture
  • Build your professional network and enhance your networking skills

A fully online Fintech Navigator programme launches on 28 September.

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Fintech Navigator Course
Oct 05, 2020 -To- Dec 14, 2020

Fintech Navigator Course

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