Expert Evidence in Arbitration [9th September 2019 | DIFC Academy, Gate Village 2]

This course looks at one of the most significant issues in the taking of evidence in investment arbitration proceedings: the role of experts and expert evidence. Leading legal practitioners will debate the topic and will provide insights from their own experience and share best practices.


Expert Evidence in Arbitration - 500.00 AED
From : 09 Sep 2019 09:00 AM || To : 09 Sep 2019 11:00 AM

Expert Evidence in Arbitration:

Making it truly effective, helpful and efficient for the arbitral tribunal



Barrister | 33 Bedford Row Chambers

Dr. Tariq Mahmood FCIArb, a British national, is qualified in England and Pakistan. A member of London based Arbitrators@33BedfordRow he works as a barrister, arbitrator, mediator and tribunal secretary with a focus on the UK and Ireland, Pakistan, the Gulf and the Asia-Pacific region. 

Dr. Mahmood, was called to the bar in 2002. His practice as a neutral, and party representative, has a wide focus but he has a particular interest in energy and commodities arbitrations. He has assisted the attorney general of the Pakistan administered jurisdiction of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in drafting amendments to its constitution. 

He is a member of the committee of the Asia-Pacific Forum for International Arbitration and has lectured widely in ADR recently working as a consultant to the Council of Europe on their arbitration training. Dr. Mahmood has co-written a chapter on Guerrilla Tactics in International Arbitration to be published later in 2019. 



Barrister | 33 Bedford Row Chambers

Arran Dowling-Hussey FCIArb is a member of Arbitrators@33BedfordRow also based at the Law Library, Dublin. He has been in practice since 2003 as a barrister, arbitrator, mediator and adjudicator. Whilst he has a diverse professional background in a range of commercial and civil disputes his work often focuses on construction disputes. 

Mr. Dowling-Hussey is a former full-time member of Dublin City University’s School of Law who has lectured in several jurisdictions on ADR. He is the co-author of 3 editions of Arbitration Law (2008, 2014 and 2018) a leading textbook in the Republic of Ireland. 

Mr. Dowling-Hussey is a recent contributor to the MENA Business Law Review. He is listed by Global Arbitration Review in their Arbitrator Research Tool. Mr. Dowling-Hussey has been a member of the Board of Trustees of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators since 2017 and was a member of their Board of Management from 2013-2015.  


Arbitrator, Mediator | Arbitralis ADR

Victor Leginsky FCIArb is a Chartered Arbitrator who is certified as a mediator through the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (London) [CEDR] and works frequently in respect of mediation with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (London) [RICS] and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.  

He holds a JD (Juris Doctor) degree and a B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education). He has served as Arbitrator in over 90 cases, conducting both institutional and ad hoc arbitrations, and has conducted construction-related mediation.  He confines his practice to that of a neutral, largely in construction and energy-related disputes.  He is currently MENA Chapter Director of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN). 

Victor is a Dubai resident who has worked in the Middle East for 12 years.  He is Regional Pathway Leader for the CIArb and teaches Award Writing.  He lectures frequently on dispute resolution in construction, oil and gas and general dispute resolution matters. 

The Honourable BARRY LEON FCIArb

Arbitrator, Mediator | 33 Bedford Row Chambers 

The Honourable Barry Leon FCIArb, a Canadian, is an independent arbitrator and mediator with Arbitrators@33BedfordRow (London), Arbitration Place (Canada), and Caribbean Arbitrators. He is an International Mediation Institute Certified Mediator and on AAA’s National Roster of Arbitrators. 

As Presiding Judge, British Virgin Islands Commercial Court (2015–2018), Barry presided over international commercial and corporate disputes involving parties from around the world. He was a Partner and International Arbitration Group Head at Perley-Robertson, Hill & McDougall (2009–2015) and until 2009, a Litigation and Dispute Resolution Partner with Torys. 

Barry was Chair, ICC Canada Arbitration Committee and is an International Academy of Trial Lawyers Fellow. Involvements include Canadian Bar Association’s ICSID Working Group (Chair); IBA’s Toronto Arbitration and Litigation Conferences (Co-Chair); RMMLF’s “International Energy and Minerals Arbitration” Conference (Program Committee); and Member of CEDR’s Settlement in International Arbitration Commission, IBA’s Investor-State Mediation Rules Committee, and ILA’s International Commercial Arbitration Committee. 


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Expert Evidence in Arbitration [9th September 2019 | DIFC Academy, Gate Village 2]
Sep 09, 2019 9:00 AM -To- Sep 09, 2019 11:00 AM

Expert Evidence in Arbitration [9th September 2019 | DIFC Academy, Gate Village 2]

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