Civil/Commercial Online Mediation Training Programme

DIFC Academy and ADR-ODR International are extremely proud to be bringing an internationally recognised Civil Mediation Course (CMC) UK, International Mediation Institute (IMI) and Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) accredited course to Dubai, UAE - online via zoom. This programme provides you with 40-hours of first-class training as a Civil/Commercial Mediator. Our programme is written and delivered by our team of global experts who have decades of experience in alternative dispute resolution. Successful completion of this programme will allow you to gain the status of ‘ADR ODR International Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator’.


Civil/Commercial Online Mediation Training Programme - 6,430.00 AED
From : 22 Mar 2021 12:30 PM || To : 27 Mar 2021 07:30 PM

The programme is registered with the UK Civil Mediation Council. This gives your qualification an internationally recognised kite mark of excellence, which means that our graduates obtain a prestigious qualification and have greater opportunities to begin their mediation practice in multiple jurisdictions across the world. Our course is also SIMI accredited which means that our delegates can apply to become a SIMI Level 1 mediator.

Course Aims

This 5 day 40-hour course aims to teach each delegate the theoretical and practical skills needed to become a successful civil/commercial mediator.

Course Details

This five day course will cover some of the following topics; the history and future of mediation, the psychology of conflict, negotiation and cultural context.

The course also covers the various stages of a mediation and with the supervision of a trainer, each delegate is guided on how to successfully navigate each stage effectively.

Following completion of the theoretical and practical stages, each delegate will have the opportunity to implement the skills they have acquired by conducting a full mediation before the final assessment day.



Rahim Shamji - Founder & Chief Executive – ADR ODR International

Zoe Giannopoulou - Attorney at Law, PhD

Civil/Commercial Online Mediation Training Programme
Mar 22, 2021 12:30 PM -To- Mar 27, 2021 7:30 PM

Civil/Commercial Online Mediation Training Programme

In association with ADR-ODR International

Total - 6430 AED