Advance your career by studying Legal English with DIFC Academy/BARBRI

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  • Study and experience legal and networking events with the DIFC Academy
  • Attend the DIFC Academy's acclaimed PowerBreakfast Sessions with leading international legal and financial thinkers
  • Understand how Common Law trained lawyers think and communicate
  • Improve your written and oral communications skills with Legal English
  • Understand legal texts, such as case law, contract clauses and attorney communications
  • Write and structure legal arguments and documents such as legal memoranda and contract clauses, as well as counsel and client communications


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BARBRI Legal English is suitable for all professionals in the legal services industry. But all course materials are in English so candidates must have reasonable English language skills to successfully complete the programme.

The BARBRI method employs a simple yet effective framework to develop your core written and verbal legal English skills

You will experience an interactive, and synchronised programme

  • TELL: Explains terminology and the language of Legal English
  • SHOW: Demonstrates use of Legal English to communicate accurately and effectively, orally and in writing
  • DO: Allows you to practise these new skills throughout the course

Certificate in Legal English Online Course Outline

Unit 1

Law and Legal Culture in English Speaking Countries

  • Speaking with Lawyers in English
  • Cultural Depictions of Lawyers
Unit 2

Dispute Resolution in common law jurisdictions

  • Understanding, at a high level, U.S. and U..K. legal systems including the jury system, judge-made law and precedent, key legal personnel, and legal culture
  • Learning key procedural rules for litigating in common law legal systems
  • Discovering how to effectively use international legal systems
  • Learning the essentials of international arbitration as an international lawyer advising your clients on cross-border disputes
Unit 3

Contracts and Legal Document Analysis In common law jurisdictions

  • Analyzing contracts, legal communications and other legal documents
  • Learning case law fundamentals designed for lawyers not trained in a common law jurisdiction
  • Learning essential legal terminology used in common law jurisdictions
Unit 4

Drafting Common Law Legal Documents

  • Drafting clear and effective legal letters, contracts and court documents in English
  • Drafting clear and effective contract clauses
  • Drafting memorandums for senior partners or opposing counsel
Unit 5

Professionalism and Ethics in U.S. and U.K. legal practice

  • Learning ethical rules of the day-to-day practice of law in the U.S. and U.K.
  • Professionalism and lawyering skills applied to client communication