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Fintech Foundation Program Flex

10x1000 Tech for Inclusion is an open and global fintech training platform co-founded by Alipay and IFC (a member of World Bank Group), aiming to serve human capital development in emerging markets.

Fintech Foundation Program Flex is a core program of the 10x1000 Tech for Inclusion initiative that allows a high degree of flexibility to suit busy professionals’ learning needs with bite-size videos and self-paced experience.  The program will cover a holistic overview of the impact of digital technology on inclusion, key trends in financial inclusion in Asia, and how Ant has designed its businesses around inclusion.  Participants will gain insights into the critical technology behind FinTech (blockchain, AI, security, IoT, cloud) and the latest applications for blockchain and AI in financial services.  It will also share the best practices for how digital technology can be used to solve business problems and achieve scale. This very informative and inspirational program is highly relevant to fintech practitioners.  

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Fintech Foundation Program Flex

Fintech Foundation Program Flex

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