DIFC Academy would like to thank those who joined the Xponential Academy’s live webinar on 12 August 2020 entitled, “Gateway to Future of Finance 5.0. Making you Future Fit & Future Proofed”. The waves of disruption are taking over & transforming the world exponentially. From traditional banking to seamless digital experiences to financial inclusion. The world is moving forward exponentially. Pre-COVID crisis we were looking at Finance 4.0…. which has quickly accelerated into building Finance 5.0 The gateway to Future of Finance 5.0, a free bonus session that will provide a glimpse of what we are offering in the main program.

Learning Outcomes:

•       10 Financial Rules shaping Finance & Banking 5.0

•       Exponential technologies & dynamics of the Future.

•       New digital business models of the future

•       Banking vision 2025

•       New leadership new world