DIFC Academy in partnership with Exponential Academy would like to thank everyone who joined the webinar on July 23, 2020 entitled, “The Future of Finance 5.0”. The waves of disruption are taking over & transforming the world exponentially, From Block-chain to artificial intelligence, Fintech to cryptocurrency, cashless payments to total automation. The world is moving exponentially forward and it is now imminent.

A new industry is being paved, disrupting the way we save, pay, borrow & lend money. By 2025, 80% of financial applications are expected to function on cloud.

The Future of Finance 5.0 is in the palm of our hands and happening today.

We are now going forward to foundational principles of banking & finance. Where the core utilities are seamless, contextual, behavioral, experiential and ubiquitous.

We have new dimensions of intelligent solutions, new human roles and new ecosystems, emerging exponentially. We show you how to thrive in your future. This is the time you need to be Future Fit, Future Ready & Future Proofed.

This webinar will gives you a distinct edge, a lead in the market. It will make your job relevant and future proofed. It gives you the toolkit to thrive in this new world.

Transform Or Be Transformed!