DIFC Academy in partnership with K2 Integrity successfully delivered a webinar on September 28, 2021 entitled, “Virtual assets and FATF guidelines – a risk-based approach for financial institutions”.

Given the popularity of virtual assets and cryptocurrencies in the UAE and globally, regulators and organization such as the FATF have begun to provide further guidance recently to virtual asset providers (VASPs) and other financial institutions to better understand their AML/CFT and compliance obligations and risks.  The panel, consisting of leading experts in virtual assets and cryptocurrencies, and global standards and regulatory obligations discussed:

  • the challenges and opportunities these products present,
  • how global standards would apply to these assets, and
  • impact on the industry coming out of the new FATF typologies and guidance.


Welcome Remarks: Alya AlZarouni - Executive Vice President, Operations at DIFC Authority and Head of DIFC Academy

Moderator: Ladan Archin - Associate Managing Director, K2 Integrity 


Mariano Federici - Managing Director, K2 Integrity

Gail Fuller - Managing Director, K2 Integrity

Gabriel “Gabe” Hidalgo - Managing Director, K2 Integrity