Smart Contracts, it turns out, are neither smart nor contracts! But they are playing an increasingly significant role in the public sector in the UAE and beyond. If you’re a lawyer working in this field, understanding smart contracts is an increasingly critical knowledge base.

Join Medha Parlikar, CasperLabs CTO and co-founder, and Irina Heaver, a fintech and crypto lawyer, for a live, in-person workshop that will highlight the growing number of smart contract use cases being used in practice.

A lawyer’s ability to know how a smart contract works, including key legal and technical questions to ask at the outset of a deployment, will make the difference between drastically improved processes, or a regulatory nightmare.




1. High-Level Introduction to Blockchain Technology 
2. A refresher on Contracts Law - English Law, the UAE law, Civil Law
3. Introduction to a Smart Contract -
        A. visual of a smart contract  
        B. applications of the smart contracts - crypto, DAO, smart contracts in Government Uses
4. Legal Implications and Legal Risks of Smart Contracts
5. Focus on Supply chain use case. 
6. Live presentation of how smart contracts work 
7. Privacy issues in Smart Contracts – Guest Speaker Appearance by Lori Baker · VP, Legal & Director of Data Protection
(DIFC-Dubai International Financial Center)
8. 20 min brainstorming other use cases in Government and Public sector