The DIFC Academy in partnership with Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University would like to thank everyone who attended the webinar on October 5, 2020 entitled “Emotionally Intelligent Leadership”.

This one-hour webinar in Emotionally Intelligent Leadership draws upon valuable insights from multiple disciplines such as Psychology, Theatre, Martial Arts and Leadership, to uncover and comprehend the subtle fusion of human senses ensuing from a diversity of emotional feelings and bodily experiences. This webinar digs into the enigmatic and silent world of human emotions and psychological processes to better understand and effectively manage the productive and counterproductive behaviors of self and others in the workplace. It seeks to provide participants with some proven tools, methods and techniques for developing their Emotionally Intelligent Leadership skills to funnel human energy toward the achievement of pre-established organizational goals.

The webinar was facilitated by Professor Martin Spraggon, Dean of the School of Business and Quality Management at HBMSU, and an internationally experienced trainer who is a licensed Psychologist, Professional Actor, and Martial Arts expert.

Please click on the LINK to watch the recording.