DIFC Academy in partnership with The 324 Consultancy firm would like to invite everyone to a webinar on the 10th of November entitled, “Data Protection – are your cyber security systems putting your business at risk?”

Interview with Neil Semikin, ex Bank of England Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Oli Johnson, Director and Co-Founder of cyber expert specialists , The 324 Consultancy.

Rapid digitalisation across the Middle East, coupled with still maturing cybersecurity infrastructure, has led to a significant increase in the number of security breaches and attacks, many of which go undetected.

Financial Services organisations have become a primary target for data breaches, identity theft and related fraud due to the highly sensitive and valuable data they hold. As a result, it is critical that FS organisations ensure they have robust data privacy programs that comply with data protection regulations.

The risk to FS organisations that fail to secure their systems are significant with data breaches leading to commercial, reputational, regulatory and legal penalties. However, secure data protection processes, practices and systems will lead to customer trust and confidence.

During this webinar Jo Youle, radio presenter and journalist, will interview ex Bank of England CISO, Neal Semikin, and Oli Johnson, Director and Co-Founder of cyber expert specialists, The 324 Consultancy.  Jo will explore lessons learned from previous critical data loss prevention projects and will provide the audience with advice on the foundation controls necessary to ensure cyber security that is robust and agile. Not only to meet dynamic market changes but also evolving regulatory compliance requirements.