Frequently Asked Questions

What does The Academy at DIFC offer?

The Academy curates a full range of impactful, financial services education programmes that are developed in partnership with internationally recognised business schools, professional development providers, and other training academies.

Who develops the content for courses on offer?

The individual institutions offering the programmes are responsible for the content development of their respective courses.

What courses are available through The Academy?

Courses offered through The Academy are tailored for the financial industry. We have tied up with leading institutions such as Cass Business School, Financial Times | IE Business School, Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance, London Business School and The Wharton School to offer a wide variety of courses to meet your requirements.

Are the courses accredited by relevant education bodies and regulators?

The courses offered will cover a wide range of different topics related to the financial services industry. As a result, not all courses are accredited by the same accreditation body. All relevant information pertaining to individual courses will be published on our website once available.

Are the courses available through The Academy only open to professionals and companies based in DIFC?

The Academy serves the financial industry at large. Anyone is welcome to apply to the programmes offered through The Academy, regardless of their location. All courses will, however, take place in DIFC.

Can I register as an individual or are these courses only open to corporate entities?

Both corporates and individuals are welcome to sign up for courses at The Academy.

How can I sign up for a course?

The course calendar on our website will be continuously updated with detailed information about the programmes offered by our partner institutions. Registration details will be included, along with a link for further information.

I have a company event/meeting, and I would like to use the facilities available at The Academy. How can I do that?

To view or book available meeting rooms or lecture theatres in The Academy, visit the Campus page and select your room of choice.